The Wineosphere Super Feature Map.

  1. Check what's new.
  2. Menu: Profile, Settings, Extras, Help/About.
  3. Scan a wine's barcode.
  4. Search for a wine using predictive search.
  5. Discover: Latest reviews, latest interests, by variety, region, price, wine regions. 
  6. Find places between 500 to 50km of you.
  7. Find places in other locations.
  8. Add: teach barcode, find nearest place, wineogram, post, invite friends.

  1. Bookmark the selected mood as an interest.
  2. Slide to increase number of varieties selected.
  3. Dial to select varieties.
  4. Press to see reviews for selection.
  5. Change price range.
  6. Change region(s).
  7. Change age of reviews to include.

Review List.
  1. Sort by & toggle between summary / detail list.
  2. Bang for your buck meter. Shows value for money and TWF medal colour.
  3. Swipe left to access quick bookmark, cellar, price search feature. Touch to see full review.
  4. Excerpt.

Read Review.
  1. Bookmark.
  2. Find prices.
  3. Explore wine region.
  4. Explain scoring system.
  5. Wineogram, Rate, Talk about, Teach barcode, iOS Share sheet.
  6. Cellar.
  7. Rate / Show your rating.
  8. Read (expert) comments from Wine Front Full Site Subscribers.

Actually... Hi reader... you know, there's so many more screenshots to do. We'll get 'round to it soon enough. If you've read this far then you are probably a bit of a wine enthusiast, so... just go and get the app, it's a free download and mainly self explanatory and most of all, really quite fun in its own sort of way.