Tips for Finding Reviews


To scan a wine's barcode label, press the barcode button in the top right area of the home screen located next to the "Search for a wine by name" input.

The best way is to hold the bottle in one hand with the barcode facing you and your phone in the other. Then press the barcode button. It will automatically focus and read the barcode. 

If the barcode has a match it will display a list of the reviews that it has found. 

In some cases, a review may exist, but the barcode for the wine has not been added. The search is very rapid and provides an easy way to determine if the wine is there. 

When reading the review, you can press the + button in the lower left corner and press the "teach me the barcode" button. This will then link the barcode to the wine for all members and you will be a heroine or here and immensely popular!


When searching for a wine it is usually best to press one of the red buttons that appears this will guide you to find the wine as quickly as possible. 

Sometimes it is best to type in the most unique part of the name and by using the red buttons let wineosphere do the work for you. 

When the word selected is part of a wine's name, green buttons will appear to show you to which wineries the word may relate. 

Wine names can be quite obscure and sometimes confusing so using this approach is usually the best bet. 

When entering search terms, you will sometimes see a blue button appear such as *Shiraz. Pressing this will find all matches of whatever you have entered so far that contain *Shiraz. This can be a quick way to see, for example all Penfolds Shiraz regardless of name. 

Three Types of Search Results

When searching, the results will look across reviews from The Wine Front, Guest Review and also online notes from suppliers and wineries. These are split into 3 tabs which can be toggled through by pressing the button at the bottom of the review list.